Meet The Team

Orange, Liz, Dari, Elaine, Dr. T, Gladys, Chantell, Lisa


Orange is a "gentle" Hygienist.  Orange is just like her name.  She is so very sweet and is like a ray of sunshine every morning in the office. 


Dari is our roving Assistant.  She is the glue that keeps our clinical areas working together.  She was raised in Haiku and is as sweet as a Maui girl can be, but when she gets mad at Dr, she's like a tita out of Kalihi!  We all love Dari. 


Elaine has been Dr's Assistant for over 30 years. By the time you read this, she has probably retired. LOL! Dr says she knows more about Dentistry than some Dentists - that includes him! She is definitely one of the best Assistants a dentist could ever have!

Dr. T

Dr is a fish-loving local boy at heart!  He is also a fun-loving guy with a contagious laugh that always fills the office.  Our patients enjoy chatting with him.  He also enjoys making pupus!


Gladys is our long time Dental Hygienist. Dr calls her the "Original Soft Touch Hygienist". She has been at our office for over 25 years. Dr has fun joking with everyone in the office, but is especially cautious with Gladys because she is the only one who can put him in his place. 


Chantell has been with our office for 2 years now. She works hard as our Financial and Insurance Coordinator.  She is the most quiet of the bunch but Dr T is always able to make her crack a smile.


Lisa has been with the practice since she was out of High School and Dr is so fortunate and happy that she has decided to make Dental Assisting her career. She has grown into an awesome Denal Assistant. Dr is proud to refer to her as his "Chinese daughter".