Aloha Kakou,

To address the concerns you may have regarding the Stay at Home order for the Island of Oahu, we want to let you know we are defined as an essential business and we consider your oral health essential.

We will remain open and look forward to seeing you for your scheduled appointments. We will continue to practice in accordance with the highest level of safety standards, the ADA Code of Ethics, and CDC Guidelines, all in compliance with our state regulations.

Dr. Tanaka truly believes that what we have implemented in our office with our PPE (personal protective equipment), double masks, face shields, gowns, bonnets, UV HEPA air purifiers, nightly UV light sterilization, extra oral high evacuation suction units and effective pre-procedure oral rinse has created a very safe environment for our patients and our office during this time.

Things may take a bit longer to get you in for your appointment, so we are asking for your patience and kokua as we implement the following precautions for your ensured safety:

·        A mask must be worn at all times.

·        We will take your temperature at the door. 100° and over will be rescheduled.

·        14-day quarantine is required for those that have travelled. We will postpone if applies.

·        Patients with fever, cough or flulike symptoms will be asked to kindly reschedule.

·        Nightly UV light disinfection to address aerosols .

·        Additional draping with protective equipment throughout the office and operatories.

·        Enforcement of social distancing in waiting room & outside seating area.

Please know that we have gone above and beyond the ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) guidelines to keep our patients and ourselves safe.

Feel free to contact us at the office if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to “talking story” with you soon!


Dr. Paul Tanaka, DDS, INC.